Saturday, 14 February 2009

some of my recent creations...

I have made some cards recently for my brothers anniversary with his girlfriend and my best friend's birthday. Here they are...


  1. Great cards Rachael! How nice of your sister to give you an award, i wish my two daughters would give each other nice things lol (they are 10 and 11), they just swap punches over makeup thefts at the moment!

    Your blog looks great by the way, a lovely background. If you don't mind me mentioning it, you just have to be carefull of burghundy backgrounds with some colours of text. (Like where it says "Blog archive". I had exactly the same set up once, but it was difficult to read the grey on deep red.

    Definately love the background though, they should make papers like that! :)

    Looking forward to visiting again. Thanks.

  2. What sweet cards! Great colours! Thanks for following us over at the




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